Famous Classical Film Music

Famous Classical Film Music

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How many times have you watched a film on TV and wished that you can find music free download from the movie soundtrack? In Famous Classical Film Music free app for Android we have compiled the best classical music from films!

In this app you will find classical music used in top films like. Classical masterpieces have come to live in these modern day Hollywood blockbuster movies and found a new audience with the help of today’s popular movie stars. Some of the most famous classical music composers of all time, like Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig Van Beethoven and Johann Sebastian Bach have contributed with classic music pieces too many productions in the history of filmmaking.

If you are a hobby filmmaker, just love to watch films online or a fan of classical music; this is the right film music app for you!

Download Famous Classical Film Music free now; in this movie music app you can choose to stream classical music or download film music to your Android phone!


Film titles are displayed above composer name and music title in top left corner when you play music.

In this app Android you will be streaming music online, so you will need to have Internet access, we recommend WiFi whenever possible. However, there is an option to download music free for Android, this way you can listen to classical music from this app even when you don’t have Internet access.

To stream music is a great option if you have good internet connections, you will save memory on your device and have a wide option of music to choose from directly in this free music app for Android.

If you download movie music mp3 files with this Android app you will be able to listen to music free at all times, even if you don’t have internet connection, but you will be limited to a number of songs from movies by the memory space on your device.

This app consists of famous classical film music mp3 only.